Budapest-Vienna Hydrofoil Lines

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The Boats

Solyom Vocsok Bibic
Type Number of Boats Capacity (Persons) Max. Speed Length Height Width
SOLYOM 2 104 60 km/h 34.5 m 6.8 m 9.5 m
VOCSOK 3 62 60 km/h 27.4 m 4.0 m 6.2 m
BIBIC 4 44 65 km/h 21.0 m 3.2 m 3.6 m


  • Seasick: Not typical, because waves can be hardly felt onboard.
  • Smoking/Nonsmoking: The smaller boats (Vocsok, Bibic) are nonsmoking except for a small area for smokers. The larger boats (Solyom) have a nonsmoking section as well as a smoking one.
  • Claustrophobia: The hydrofoil boats are not recommended to people who have claustrophobia.
  • Wheelchair: The boats are not suitable for people with a wheelchair.