Budapest-Vienna Hydrofoil Lines

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Terms & Conditions

(5th revised version, valid from February 10, 2004)

InternetHotel Kft. (the "Travel Agency") is the operator of this website. The Travel Agency provides free online reservation for the services of the shipping company MAHART PassNave Kft. (Budapest, Belgrad Rakpart, District 5).

Acceptance of Reservation Requests:

Reservations are subject to confirmation by the Travel Agency. Reservations will be confirmed in writing (email). The confirmation contains the following information: name of the Passenger, specification of the service, terms of payment, cancellation dates and penalties.

Checking-in and boarding:

Checking-in, passports and customs clearance (valid travel documents required !) start one hour prior to departure. You must arrive at the check-in location by one hour before the departure time, otherwise your ticket may be sold. The seats are not numbered, passengers can take a seat in order of boarding.

Check-in location in Vienna (Austria):

  • DDSG Schiffahrtszentrum, 1020 Vienna, Handelskai 265.

Check-in location in Budapest (Hungary):

  • MAHART Nemzetkozi Hajoallomas, 1056 Budapest, Belgrad Rakpart

Behaviour on Board:

Passengers have to keep safety regulations and follow security and safety instructions of the captain on board, otherwise they may be excluded from travelling.


The Shipping Company disclaims all responsibility for any delay of the liners resulting from low or high water level, fog or delays caused by the locks. In case of cancelling a liner, the shipping company has to provide a replacing vehicle (usually a coach), but will give no refund to the passengers.

Description of the hydrofoil services is based on information provided by the Shipping Company. We strive to check each piece of information on accuracy. However, we disclaim all warranties for any information provided by the Shipping Company as well as warranties of any kind for typographical and photographical errors on this web site.

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